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Julie Dubois

Beautiful Parisian Hats

Julie Dubois has big blue eyes and hats suit her well. And the hats soon worn by you in felt, straw and woven wool – soft, comforting, refreshing, elegant textures and colours, are invented inside her pretty head.

After training as an architect, her geometric inspiration is understandable. Julie Dubois’ style and influence oscillate between Oskar Shlemmer, Bauhaus and pure colours for space-age, aerial, schoolgirl, Courrègian women, from Polly Magoo to Audrey Hepburn. Caps and large-rimmed sun-hats are structured and sculpted with her special way of approaching minimalism, while heads stay where they should be, nestled under the hats. All this to seduce seeker heads and Parisian bicycle riders, often threatened by rain – and all people who have heads. You, me, as well as our dear Pharell, who seems, for the time being, to have left his armada of fedoras in his billionaire boys museum.

Julie Dubois, hat designer, conceives and makes her hats in Paris, in her little studio in the old boroughs of the 20th arrondissement – a telescoped form of architecture in a tribute to Monsieur Hulot’s gingerbread house in Jacques Tati’s Mon Oncle, and to the absolutely romantic Paris of the Aristocats.

Vincent Bergerat (Ambassade Excellence)


movie: Caroline Boudot

Modiste chapelier à Paris. Des chapeaux de créateur pour femme. Un style contemporain original, élégant et raffiné

© 2014 Julie Dubois

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